Scotland Pays For HS2, Crossrail, London Sewers etc.

The Myth:: Scotland Pays For HS2, Crossrail, London Sewers etc.

The Truth:: No, we don't. And in some cases, we get money because of the projects.

This is one of the Nats most common lies.

Crossrail: Under the Barnett Formula, rail expenditure is "in only"

That means we only pay for rail in Scotland.

Crossrail is funded entirely from London.

Rather than us contributing to Crossrail, we're making money out of it. £0.49bn to be exact, via Barnett Consequentials.

Here's how its funded.

£1.9 billion contribution from Transport for London

£4.1 billion from the Crossrail Business Rate Supplement

£600 million from developer contributions (Mayoral Community Infrastructure Levy and Section 106)

Around £500 million from over-site development opportunities

The UK Government has provided a grant of £4.9 billion. This is where the £0.49bn Barnett Consequentials money for Scotland comes from.

There are also additional contributions from Canary Wharf Group, Heathrow, City of London Corporation and Berkeley Homes.

Crossrail Funding

London Sewers: This project is 100% privately funded by Thames Water, a private company, via customer billing and private investment.

HS2 We're not directly paying for HS2. As you read above, rail is "in only" expenditure.

In fact, we will be getting billions in Barnett consequentials from it. At the current estimated cost, Scotland is in line for £10bn. Sadly, the SNP refuse point blank to promise all or any of that money to Scotland's transport budget.

The 10 billion reasons you should support HS2

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As you can see, we may indirectly contribute up to £17m, but thats dwarfed by the £10bn we'll be getting in Consequentials