Our Drug Deaths Are Because Westminster Controls Drug Laws

The Myth:: Our Drug Deaths Are Because Westminster Controls Drug Laws

The Truth:: If Drug Laws Were The Problem, The Rest Of The Country Would Have Similar Levels As Us, But They Dont.

The huge increase in drug deaths in Scotland are shocking, and an increase every year since Sturgeon became FM.

And even more shocking that so many nats come onto social media and blame Westminster for snp failures, citing drug laws being reserved as the reason.

If drug laws were the problem, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland would have similar death levels as us. They don’t, so drug laws cannot be the problem. Yes, they have seen increases, but they are much lower, and their deaths rates by population are FAR lower than ours.

England and Wales = 4,561 = 1 person in 12,278 of population.
Northern Ireland = 189 = 1 person in 9973 of population.
Scotland = 1339 = 1 person in 4017 of population.

We're 3 times worse than England and Wales, and over twice as bad as Northern Ireland.

In the 14 years the snp have been in power, we’ve passed the grim milestone of 10,000 deaths from drugs in Scotland. But year on year, they slash funding for drug treatment.

They slashed drug treatment funding year in year out. They slashed rehab beds down to 37 for over 13,000 addicts.

Make no mistake whatsoever, the promised £250m over 5 years would have NEVER been made had there not been an election coming straight after.