Westminster Forced VAT Onto Police Scotland, The Only Force To Pay It

The Myth:: Westminster Forced VAT Onto Police Scotland, The Only Force To Pay It

The Truth:: All National Forces Pay VAT.

The British Transport Police, the Ministry of Defence Police Force and the Civil Nuclear Police Authority all pay VAT.

The PSNI (and formerly the RUC) is VAT exempt because the N.I. administration takes a 2.5% hit to central government funding to reflect that, effectively they do pay, it just comes off a different place in the budget.

Police Scotland is categorically not "the only UK force unable to reclaim the tax".

ALL National forces pay VAT.

A Section 33 exemption is only for local authority run forces.

When the snp planned this, they were warned that VAT would be an issue.

>> The Tories warned them. Ignored.
>> Labour warned them. Ignored.
>> LibDems warned them. Ignored.
>> Unison Warned them. Ignored.
>> HMRC warned them. Ignored.
>> Their own advisers warned them. Ignored.

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The ONLY people responsible for the Police paying VAT are the NATIONALISTS, nobody else.

Unison put forward a solution to the VAT issue, but THAT was ignored as well. The snp were hell bent on taking direct control of the police, and determined to create yet another grievance.

2nd last paragraph:

"There is also a Scottish solution to the problem as UNISON set out in evidence to the Justice Committee. We could have a single police force established as local government joint board, funded through a precept and retain s33 status. Of course that would mean less direct ministerial influence over the police, but it would strengthen local democratic accountability"

Unison Page On This