We'll Stop Selling Water To England

The Myth:: We'll Stop Selling Water To England

The Truth:: Scotland doesnt supply water to England.

Where we might supply small amounts in the borders, we do not supply England's water.

To show just how big a lie it is, here's the numbers.

England uses 16bn litres per day on average.

That works out at 16m tonnes per day. (1000L = 1 cubic metre = 1 tonne)

If we supplied just 10% of that, it would be 1.6m tonnes.

To move that amount of water, we'd need pipelines over 1m in diameter running for 100s of miles, and several huge pumping stations.

They don't exist.

The costs involved with moving that volume of water for 100s of miles would make said water more expensive than whisky. It would be far cheaper for England to build desalination plants, and get fresh water from seawater. A lot cheaper.

To lift 1 cubic metre (1 tonne) of water up 1m uses 7Kw of power.

So to lift 1.6m of them up just one metre would need 11.2Mw for just ONE metre of height.

To move 1.6m tonnes of water over 100s of miles, including over hills of 100s of metres high, would take an astronomical amount of power. Power we'd need a number of nuclear stations to supply.

(One cybernat did try to claim this was untrue, as it would naturally flow downhill because Scotland is higher on the map than England. We kid you not)

As you can see from the numbers, their claims on this are complete fantasy.