The US Controls Trident

The Myth:: The US controls Trident

The Truth:: No, They Do Not

Its frequently said that our Trident nuclear deterrent is under US control as they have the launch codes.

This is 100% untrue.

The US subs use a system that relies on Permissive Action Link technology that prevents a US boat from launching without the president actioning the launch.

The UK boats on the other hand, rely on a system where 2 of the boats most senior officers both operate their kets at the same time. Said keys are locked in safes onboard the boats.

Launch can only happen on authorisation of the Prime Minister, or the next most senior person in government should the PM be already dead.

There is a system in place that the boat commanders can authorise launch should no set signals be received over a specified time. In other words, if the government had already been wiped out.

The UK nuclear deterrent is 100% independent of the US, although we do get the actual missiles from a shared ownership pool based in Georgia, US. The warheads are ours and subs aree ours, as is control of their use.