We don't have money for any more pay increases

The Myth:: We don't have money for any more pay increases

The Truth:: They're lying

Over the last few months, we've all seen the strikes across our public sector.

Rail workers, nurses, teachers, council workers, etc, have all been, or will be, on strike.

Repeatedly, Humza Yousaf, John Swinney and Nicola Sturgeon (amongst others), have all claimed there's no more money for wage increases.

Well everyone, that is a total lie. A lie told in the chamber several times, making it a resignation matter.

Why is it a lie?

Underspending, thats why.

What's underspending?

Underspends are when a devolved administration has money left over that they have not allocated or given to an area of devolved responsibility.

In previous years, the SNP have screamed the house down that they don't have money for extra spending, but they've actually had underspending of 10s of millions up to £300m.

But this year is different.

They have under spending of £2bn. Thats two thousand million pounds.

One example of just how wrong this is, is council funding.

Year on year, the SNP slash council funding.

Cuts for this year are £350m across our 32 councils.

Clearly, they have the money to properly fund our councils, but refuse to.

That means the service you get and you need are cut to the bone, and 100s of council workers across Scotland will lose their jobs.

Is that really what you want for Scotland? An administration that always cries wolf, and claims they've no money, blaming Westminster for it, and all the time they're hiding away billions, and refusing to spend it where its needed?

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