NHS Scotland Funding Is Linked To NHS England

The Myth:: NHS Scotland Funding Is Linked To NHS England

The Truth:: NHS Scotland's Funding Is Decided IN Scotland

We dont normally name and shame cybernats, but in this article, we will make an exception.

A rampant cybernat that uses the name Greg Breen has been on a number of threads on Facebook claiming that there's a direct link between the amount spent on the NHS in England, and the NHS in Scotland.

We've named and shamed as he keeps repeating it despite being proven wrong.

Here's what the government website says about it.

2. Scotland’s NHS is totally devolved.
The NHS in Scotland is totally devolved to the Scottish Parliament and all policy and spending decisions are made in Scotland.

You can view that at: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/facts-about-nhs-funding-in-scotland

He then goes on to use a misquote of the 3rd bullet point on the website above claiming proves him right:

3. The UK shares resources.
The Barnett formula means that when new funding is allocated, devolved policy areas such as health, education and justice receive a proportionate share

But he is wrong.

Bullet point 3 is about "new funding" which in political terms is called Barnett Consequentials that are not included in the Scottish Block Grant. We have a separate article on Barnett Consequentials HERE

Another article, from NHS Scotland themselves, that proves him wrong says:

The Scottish Government decides what resources are to be devoted to the NHS, in the context of devolved public expenditure

You can read that article at: http://www.ournhsscotland.com/our-nhs/nhsscotland-how-it-works

(Myth Buster wonders if Mr Breen has been in touch with NHS Scotland to inform them they are wrong about their own funding?)

He even tries to claim this is wrong using some weird "ringfenced finance" argument.

Yes, NHS Scotland funding is ringfenced by the snp.

ALL this means is that NHS money cannot be used outside the NHS. Nothing more, nothing less. The funding level can still go up or down though.

Myth Buster would suggest Mr Breen stops embarrassing himself by repeatedly posting the falsehoods he has regarding NHS Scotland's funding, who allocates it, and under what rules.