Our NHS Out Performs The Rest Of The UK

The Myth:: Our NHS Out Performs The Rest Of The UK

The Truth:: Only If You Use Fiddled Figures

The snp use "core sites" methodology for compiling statistics.

They pick the best performing sites in each sector of health, and compile stats off that for the whole of Scotland. They then match those stats against England's.

If stats from each individual department across the whole of Scotland were used, we'd be worse than any other country in Europe.

Even doctors and nurses say our NHS is on its knees thru lack of funding.

Here's their meme, straight from their page, showing the use of "core sites" to fiddle the figures.

The most recent figures for A&E show the worst performance on record.

And here is a link to the SNP image used above. Click Here

Proves beyond any doubt they're fiddling the figures.