Vote No To Stay In The EU

The Myth:: They said vote No to stay in the EU

The Truth:: Nobody actually said that.

What was said was that a yes vote would take Scotland out of the EU the same day as leaving the UK. And that, came from Brussels. It came directly from Juan Manuel Barosso, the then EU president.

Here's what he said in reply to Lord Tugendhat's request for clarification:

"If part of the territory of a Member State would cease to be part of that state because it were to become a new independent state, the Treaties would no longer apply to that territory. In other words, a new independent state would, by the act of its independence, become a third country with respect to the EU and the Treaties would no longer apply on its territory. "

Full Letter: Click Here

Its pretty clear that a Yes vote would have taken us out of the EU the same day we left the UK.

We voted No knowing full well the EU referendum was coming, and we might vote to leave. After all, it was in TWO of Cameron's manifestos, AND the EU Referendum Bill was submitted to the Commons in 2013.