“The People Of Scotland Are being Denied”

This is one of the SNP’s favourite buzz phrases, along with “Scotland” voted for [insert the latest faux grievance]”

But what do they mean? Are they being honest?

No, of course not.

When they are refused another referendum, they start bleating that the voices of “the people of Scotland” are being denied.

Who actually are “the people of Scotland”?

ALL OF US. Every person in Scotland.

But the SNP use the term when referencing their own voters, not anyone else.

Lets look at the numbers to see just how few in Scotland are “the people of Scotland”

In the last Scottish election . . .

Electorate: 3,870,000
SNP Vote: 1,059,897

Thats works out at 27.39% of Scotland voted for the SNP. The rest voted for other parties, or didn’t vote. The combined Unionist vote was actually more than the SNP vote.

They consider just over 1/4 of Scotland to be “The people of Scotland”

And worse, they want that 27.39% to demand the future of all of us. They believe a minority have the right to demand another referendum.

They are back at the Nazi Goebbels mantra again: “Tell the same lie often enough, it soon becomes the truth”

Yet again, they’re treating you with utter disdain.