Westminster Cut Our funding!

The SNP and their Green partners in the coalition of chaos keep claiming Westminster has cut Scottish funding.

They repeat this same claim constantly.

But is it true?

Of course not. Its lies. No other word for it.

First, lets look at overall funding for Scotland, which includes the Block Grant, and funding for reserved matters.

The next image takes us further back, and proves our ever increasing budget.

As you can see from the tables above, we’ve had an increasing budget, £33bn more over 6 years, and always much more than we paid in.

(Paying in more than we get back is another lie often thrown around. The proof its lies is above).

Now lets look an the Block Grant.

Back in 2020, it was £33bn

Its now £42bn

No cuts.

BUT, they always throw in the words “in real terms”

They do this because they actually think you are too stupid to realise thats just a way of twisting things to make them the victims.

The truth is, there’s been no cuts. Our funding keeps going up, and we still get far more than we pay in, and more per person than England gets.